June 16, 2020

Every Student, Every Day Awards $150,000 for Yukon Student Attendance

Whitehorse, Yukon – As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact students, families and educators throughout the territory, the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society’s Every Student, Every Day fund is delighted to announce $150,000 in direct financial support for 24 Yukon school and First Nations-created projects that address student attendance.

A complete list of this year’s successfully funded projects, to be implemented in the 2020-2021 school year, is below.

“Today, more than ever, we need to encourage our territory’s students and school communities with a flexible approach that supports re-entry into the classroom when that time comes and the return to attending school each and every day,” says Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society President Tara Christie. “We could not be prouder to work with the Government of Yukon and our community partners and truly come together to support and uplift Yukoners during this unprecedented time.”

Please see the accompanying announcement video here.

To support this initiative, the Government of Yukon increased its annual contribution to Every Student, Every Day from $25,000 to $30,000 for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

“It is critical to support students’ engagement in their learning,” says Yukon Minister of Education Tracy-Anne McPhee. “The Government of Yukon is pleased to partner with the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society to support the Every Student, Every Day initiative. This program works directly to support students and encourage them to embrace school and learning.

Throughout the year, volunteers from Every Student, Every Day have traditionally hosted numerous events to raise funds for, and awareness about, student absenteeism in the territory. Moving forward, in light of COVID-19, the organization will seek new and innovative ways to engage the Yukon general public and both new and long-standing donors. Details will be announced over the summer.

To date, since its establishment in 2012, Every Student, Every Day has directly supported 114 such projects with over $800,000 to help deal with specific attendance barriers students are facing. Every Student, Every Day is a registered, not-for-profit charity of Victoria Gold Corp; owner and operator of the Eagle Gold Mine, located 85 kilometres northeast of the Village of Mayo. Over 50 per cent of Victoria Gold’s employees at the mine are Yukoners.

“Training and hiring Yukoners is extremely satisfying for the Victoria Gold team and demonstrates the depth and skill we have right here at home when we work together to help keep our territory’s students in school and graduating,” says Victoria Gold President and CEO and Every Student, Every Day Co-founder John McConnell. “We’re very proud of the opportunities and benefits the Eagle Gold Mine is providing Yukon residents and communities and of Every Student, Every Day’s tremendous efforts and commitment to help students be prepared to embark on a rewarding career path of their choice.”

To learn more about Every Student, Every Day, please visit or find the charity on Facebook and Twitter.


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Every Student, Every Day – Student Attendance Projects Funded for 2020-2021

Ta’an Kwach’an Council – Whitehorse

Steps to Success Attendance Incentive Program                                                     $4,500

Support for the Ta’an Kwach’an Council (TKC) Youth Outreach Support Worker to liaise with school administration staff on behalf of the 37 TKC citizen students attending eight different Whitehorse-area schools to access and respond to student attendance records and monthly notifications if TKC students are missing significant days of school.

F.H. Collins Secondary School – Whitehorse

F.H. Collins Sound Studio                                                                                         $20,000

Support for a focus on modern musical elements and culture, outside the school’s traditional band program, such as hip hop, rap and modern rock to heighten student engagement, and therefore increased attendance, by showcasing talents through performances.   

Gadzoos’daa Student Residence – Whitehorse

Gadzoos’daa Attendance for Success 2020-2021                                                   $18,000

Support for a six (6) goal-proposal to improve punctuality and attendance on a weekly basis and consistent atteance per semester by helping residents link regular attendance with academic success. Program includes the provision of tutoring support as required.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC) – Whitehorse

Art for Wellness                                                                                                         $4,000

Support to encourage student attendance through opportunities for creative expression and connection to positive role models who will offer Indigenous and non-Indigenous visual art instruction.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC) – Whitehorse

Haircuts and Toiletries: Feel Good, Look Good and Get to School!                    $3,750

Support to provide students with necessary toiletries, feminine hygiene products and socks to help maintain personal hygiene and improved preparedness to attend school regularly.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC) – Whitehorse

ILC Gym Improvements                                                                                             $1,504

Support for continued enhancements to the ILC gym to provide a greater variety of exercise equipment and improved links between physical and mental wellness.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC) – Whitehorse

Walking with Elders: Stories on the Land; About the Land                                   $1,342

Support for improved attendance through cultural programming that connects students with First Nations Elders to gain a greater understanding of Yukon First Nations history, traditions, values and beliefs.

Robert Service School – Dawson City

Trades Mentorship                                                                                                    $7,500

Support for increased engagement through an enriched shop program (both in-school and after school). Includes direct contact and mentorship with trades professionals.

Robert Service School – Dawson City

Fiddle-Jigging Exchange                                                                                          $1,600

Support for a two-day Fiddling/Jigging exchange in the Village of Mayo with students and Elders from Mayo, Dawson City and Pelly Crossing to realize First Nations government leadership priority to promote traditional fiddling and jigging and acknowledge its history.

Takhini Elementary School – Whitehorse

School Breakfast Program                                                                                        $5,000

Support for a mobile breakfast cart program managed by students in order to remove breakfast as a key barrier to morning tardiness and overall school attendance.

Kwanlin Dun First Nation – Whitehorse

High School Attendance and Parental Involvement                                                $6,000

Support for a continued focus on challenged school attendance in high school and across all grades. Initiatives include alarm clocks for students who require one, gift card incentives for older students and a community engagement-information event at the start of the school year to involve families in the importance of regular school attendance.

Selkirk Elementary School – Whitehorse    

Land-Based Learning and Outdoor Classroom                                                      $13,000

Support of increased student attendance through the development and use of a year-round outdoor classroom. Program includes excursions that promote land-based learning activities such as camping, shelter building, wildlife and vegetation identification, hiking and wilderness first aid.  

Teen Parent Centre – Whitehorse

Family-Oriented Attendance Incentive Program                                                     $10,000

Support for incentives that promote effective routines around attending school regularly and the importance of passing established routine along to the students’ young children.

Youth Achievement Centre – Whitehorse

Learning Through First Nations Cultural Art Programming                                   $7,100

Support for engaging youth through the creative process of learning via Yukon First Nations cultural art programming as per Calls to Action as recommended by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada. Cultural carving/art program can result in a credit towards high school graduation.

Jack Hulland Elementary School – Whitehorse

Attendance Incentive Supports                                                                                 $5,200

Support for students, with chronic attendance issues and their families, to work together to identify and address barriers to regular school attendance. Program includes goal setting, shared attendance progress and celebration initaitives for improved attendance.

St. Elias Community School – Haines Junction

Alternative-Sensory Learning Space                                                                         $10,000

Support for a variety of strategies that support varying student needs and stages of development including an alternative learning and sensory space to provide a nurturing, student-centred environment and the availability of a safe and calming space at school to greater access to learning.

Grey Mountain Primary School – Whitehorse        

Flexible Learning Library                                                                                          $5,000

Support for the transformation of the school’s current library to a Flexible Learning Library that is student-centred and creates a learning environment that fosters an increased sense of community and belonging. Program includes the creation of a flexible space to play and learn with flexible furnishings and innovative materials.

Khatinas.axh School – Teslin

Student Star Program                                                                                                $1,000

Support to help increase the motivation of Grade 3 and 4 students by engaging interest and a love of learning.

Ross River School – Ross River

Creativity Kits                                                                                                             $4,500

Support for fun, engaging, hands-on STEM and art activities to begin students’ days for a half hour before the regular school start time twice per week to help increase students’ desire to attend school regularly and on time.

Eliza Van Bibber School – Pelly Crossing

Right Stuff to Start                                                                                                     $3,500

Support for increased parental awareness as to how school absences accumulate over time with a target to decrease student absenteeism by half over the school year.

Elijah Smith Elementary School – Whitehorse

All on Board                                                                                                               $4,000

Support for Reflective Programming, as per the TRC, such as daily drum circles, First Nations traditional singing, dance and drum making. Program also includes an initiative to “Level the Playing Field” by developing a lending library of boots, mitts, hats and jackets for students in need to wear on outdoor school excursions.

Elijah Smith Elementary School – Whitehorse

See Yourself, Be Yourself                                                                                          $6,500

Support for increased attendance via an environment that better reflects the school’s student body as per the TRC Calls to Action and is welcoming and safe for both. Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. Program includes the creation of a First Nations Elders’ room at the school entrance for students and families to learn, talk and listen.

Elijah Smith Elementary School – Whitehorse

Hey Look!                                                                                                                   $3,000

Support for increased student motivation by making their learning, culture, community and themselves more visible in school. Program includes pictures of First Nations Elders and Indigenous role models and signage/art throughout the school.

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations/Porter Creek Secondary School

Culture Club                                                                                                               $4,000            

Support for student-led workshops and activities to promote a sense of belonging at school. Program includes parent involvement, the provision of a safe, cultural space in the school and the promotion of First Nations culture through cultural activities and the creation of a welcoming space for Elders and knowledge keepers.