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This is a joint news release between the Government of Yukon and the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society’s Every Student, Every Day funding program.

A total of $400,000 in support has been awarded to 31 projects across the Yukon through the Every Student, Every Day fund, with support from the Government of Yukon.

For the 2024–25 school year, Yukon schools, school councils and community organizations will implement 31 projects designed to help increase student attendance. These projects directly aim to eliminate obstacles, enhance student engagement in learning and foster a stronger sense of belonging within school communities.

Established in 2012, Every Student, Every Day has donated over $2.25 million dollars to directly support more than 240 Yukon student attendance projects. Funding is raised primarily from annual fundraising events and donations from individual and corporate donors from Yukon and around the world. This year, Every Student, Every Day has increased its funding to $300,000. The Government of Yukon has also increased its contribution to $100,000, along with continuing to provide administrative support to coordinate with participating schools and non-governmental organizations. This year’s funding commitment is the largest ever and will support communities in addressing student attendance challenges in creative ways.

This initiative is dedicated to supporting innovative projects that improve results for all Yukon students by encouraging attendance and engagement. Our government is deeply committed to  advancing education through a collaborative, community-led approach. We’re proud to  increase our contribution to the Every Student, Every Day funding program and look forward to seeing these projects empower students on their educational paths.

Jeanie McLean
Minister of Education

With our increased funding and additional support from Yukon Government, we are able to continue to support schools, communities and First Nations to tackle the issues that hinder school attendance and, ultimately, student success. We have seen increases in the need for supports for projects that build connections between home and school and make students feel welcome – projects that are culturally relevant and/or related to mental health, learning needs, arts, culture, technology & trade skills. We are excited for this positive momentum to continue growing.

Tara Christie
Victoria Gold Yukon Encouragement Society President

Every Student, Every Day is a project funding program operated by Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society, a registered Yukon society and a registered Canadian charity, which works with the community to raise awareness and funds to support increased student attendance throughout the Yukon.

We are passionate in our goal to help Yukon students attend school regularly. Supporting success in their learning and in their lives is at the heart of everything we do.

Guided by the volunteer, not-for-profit Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society, since its establishment in the fall of 2012, Every Student, Every Day has raised and distributed over $1,850,000 to directly support more than 200 grass-roots student attendance projects in our territory’s schools and communities.

Every Student, Every Day works in partnership with Victoria Gold Corp, Banyan Gold Corp, Yukon Education, Air North Yukon’s Airline, Finning, Northern Vision Development, Nuway Crushing Ltd., Orion Resource Partners, Osisko Gold Royalties and many other committed private sector and community partners and together, we are dedicated to helping alleviate absenteeism in our territory’s classrooms.

President’s message

“In 2012, when representatives from Victoria Gold Corp. and the territorial government came together to discuss how we, as proud Yukoners, could help increase student attendance rates in classrooms throughout the territory, the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society’s Every Student, Every Day charitable fund was born.

Since 2012, our efforts through Every Student, Every Day are demonstrating positive, tangible results in schools from Old Crow to Watson Lake and Mayo to Whitehorse.

We know that one of the most important things our territory’s students can do is also one of the most basic: go to school every day.

Working together as a community to encourage regular school attendance is one of the most powerful ways we can prepare our children for success – both in school and in life. By making school attendance a priority, we are helping Yukon students get better grades, develop healthy life habits, avoid dangerous behaviour and have an improved chance of graduating from high school.

On behalf of the Society’s volunteer board and Every Student, Every Day, we extend sincere thanks to all our partners and champions for their generous support. We look forward to another year of fundraising and meaningful engagement activities throughout the territory so that every Yukon student can attend school every day.”


Tara Christie
Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society

“As my young daughter starts on her school journey, a successful experience in the classroom for her – and for all students – resonates deeply with my family and with our entire Victoria team.

By supporting increased student attendance through Every Student, Every Day, we are setting Yukon students up for a strong future. We are helping them feel more connected to their community, develop important social skills and friendships and of course, be more likely to graduate from high school.

As Victoria’s Eagle Gold Project northwest of Mayo has now begun construction on the path to operation, employment opportunities at the site have increased significantly and we want all Yukoners to be able to access them.

For this to happen however, we all must come together as a community to help keep our territory’s children in school from their first day of Kindergarten through to high school graduation.

Victoria Gold appreciates the dedication of Every Student, Every Day’s committed volunteers and the fund’s government and industry partners and is proud to be part of this very important initiative.”

John McConnell
President & CEO
Victoria Gold Corp.

“Student attendance is one of the most important factors contributing to student success – when students miss school, they miss important learning opportunities. Students who attend school regularly tend to get better grades and practice important work habits that can benefit them throughout their lives. We are proud to partner with the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society to support the Every Student, Every Day initiative for the past nine years. We have seen that this initiative has a direct impact on regular attendance to help students advance their learning as well as develop healthy work habits and social skills.”

Minister of Education Jeanie McLean, Government of Yukon

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