June 6, 2019

Yukon Schools and First Nations receive $100K for attendance projects

Twenty-one Yukon projects have received $100,000 in financial support from the Victoria Gold Yukon Student Encouragement Society’s Every Student, Every Day fund to help address student attendance challenges in schools throughout the territory.

Throughout the year, volunteers from Every Student, Every Day engage Yukon’s private sector. Various fundraising events help to raise awareness and monies to address student absenteeism. The Government of Yukon also contributes $25,000 annually, along with administrative support. This includes communicating with schools, Yukon First Nations and community and non-governmental organizations.

A complete list of the 21 successful projects to receive funding for the 2019-2020 school year is included below.

Quick facts

  • Every Student, Every Day is an initiative of Victoria Gold Corp’s registered, not-for-profit charity.


  • Since it was established by Victoria Gold in 2012, Every Student, Every Day has raised and distributed over $500,000 to more than 90 student attendance projects in almost every Yukon community.


  • The successful projects were selected by a committee of Department of Education staff and Society representatives on April 30 and will be implemented in the 2019-20 school year.


  • Fundraising events include the 2nd Annual Victoria Gold Every Student, Every Day (ESED) golf tournament at Meadow Lakes Golf Course on Friday, June 14, 2019, and an annual Fundraising Gala on October 5, 2019.




Average days absent per student, 2015-16 to 2017-18

For 2017- 2018, the Yukon-wide average for days missed was 21 days. For rural schools the average days missed was 32 days. For urban schools the average days missed was 18 days.

For 2016 -2017, the Yukon-wide average for days missed was 21 days. For rural schools, the average days missed was 32 days. For urban schools the average days missed was 18 days.

For 2015 -16, the Yukon-wide average for days missed was 19 days. For rural schools, the average days missed was 25 days. For urban schools, the average days missed was 17 days.


2019/20 Projects that have been funded.

Ross River School                                                                                                 $5,535.00

Continental-style breakfast for students as an incentive to arrive at school on time.

Ta’an Kwach’an Council                                                                           $3,400.00

Attendance incentive program for 34 Ta’an Kwach’an Council citizens in Whitehorse schools.

Gadzoos’daa Student Residence                                                                      $10,000.00

Daily attendance incentive program for residence students attending school in Whitehorse (away from their home communities). 

Kwanlin Dun First Nation                                                                         $4,475.00

Attendance program focused on high school students and parental involvement with regular attendance.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC)                                                            $1,650.00

Program sharing First Nations’ ways of knowing and doing through traditional land-based activities.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC)                                                            $2,950.00

Increased student attendance through strategies for students to address anxiety and depression.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC)                                                             $6,750.00

Two full-day art camps at Jackson Lake Healing Camp a/o the Yukon Wildlife Preserve with credit towards Art 10/11/12, while learning about culture, art and music.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC)                                                            $4,590.00

Provision of a healthy breakfast to increase the number of students arriving between 8:30 and 9:30 a.m.

Individual Learning Centre (ILC)                                                            $2,100.00

Connecting students to the local arts and culture community.

Porter Creek Secondary School                                                                        $10,000.00

Rainbow Connection Initiative; supporting a feeling of safety and engagement for students who self-identify as LGBTQ2S+.

Robert Service School                                                                                         $1,900.00

Open gym at 8:00 a.m. to provide a safe, warm space for students to ensure a positive start to the school day.

Robert Service School                                                                                         $2,000.00

Drin Hǫz Breakfast and Shi Lky Lunch Programs.

Jack Hulland Elementary School                                                                      $3,050.00

Individualized Attendance Improvement Plans.

J.V. Clark School                                                                                                    $5,000.00

Attendance initiative spanning K-12.

Hidden Valley Elementary School                                                                     $4,000.00

Multi-use outdoor space to facilitate student engagement and attendance through experiential learning with a cultural programming focus.

Takhini Elementary School                                                                                 $11,750.00

Provision of more functional furniture to help accommodate students’ different learning styles.

Eliza Van Bibber School                                                                                       $3,600.00

A soft-start morning via subjects’ students enjoy with time to connect with peers.


F.H. Collins Secondary School                                                                           $5,600.00

Enrichment opportunities through technologies to inspire and engage high-rise students.

Youth Achievement Centre – Education Outreach Program                                 $3,000.00

Music initiative for at risk and vulnerable youth.

Teen Parent Centre                                                                                               $3,500.00

Weekly Attendance Incentive Program.

Elijah Smith Elementary School                                                                         $5,150.00

Connected program to build a strong sense of belonging, pride and community, while decreasing bullying and student transfer to other schools.


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