Water Break Photo Contest Winners

We have received so many great entries photographs! It is great to see the kids participating in their favourite activity and their smiling faces.

Thank you for sharing your photos with us.

The Winning Photos

We are proud to announce the following winners. Click on the image to view the full size photo.


Brynna G., Whitehorse

(5 to 9 age group)
Brynna riding her new bicycle.

Abia M., Whitehorse

(10 to 14 age group)
Abia is with Tiger Taekwondo and has a green strip belt.

1st Place – Apple iPad

Maddie & Fletcher J., Whitehorse

(5 to 9 age group)
Our neighbour Heidi was away hunting for a week so we looked after her animals.

Sophia M., Mayo

(5 to 9 age group)
Sophia enjoying the beautiful day on her trampoline in Mayo. Loving her new water bottle that she takes everywhere with her!!

Sarah B., Whitehorse

(10 to 14 age group)
Sarah is taking a water break while hiking King’s Throne in Kluane National Park.

Daniel J., Haines Junction

(15 to 18 age group)
Daniel has been hiking with his dad all over the Haines Junction area, almost every weekend, getting in shape and seeing all the magnificent views in this area!  And he is always sure to take the Victoria Gold water bottle with him.

2nd Place – $100 Coast Mountain Sports Gift Card


Markus & Destyni G., Whitehorse

(5 to 9 age group)
Markus and his sister Destyni playing on the spinning merry-go-round

Maverick A., Whitehorse

(10 to 14 age group)
Maverick is staying hydrated while adventuring around Whitehorse. Thanks to Victoria Gold for donating my school thermoses!

Joshua L., Whitehorse

(15 to 18 age group)
I enjoy gardening because it helps me appreciate the little things, whether it be a flower, some water droplets, or a small plant coming out of the ground!

Darnel T., Dawson City

(15 to 18 age group)
Photo of Seth holding a water bottle at Tombstone

3rd Place – $75 Canadian Tire Gift Card


Shiloh H., Whitehorse

(5 to 9 age group)
Shiloh is helping to do a bee hive inspection on her hive in the Takhini Valley area. She was really excited to see the honey being made but even more excited when she spotted the Queen Bee!

Yoann S., Whitehorse

(10 to 14 age group)
I love riding my bike and hitting jumps. This is me on a small jump in front of my house.

4th Place – $50 Angellina’s Toy Boutique Gift Card


Brianna M., Ross River

(5 to 9 age group)
Photo of Brianna at Jackfish Lake learning to kayak with Natalie from Yukon Canoe. I love being on the lake and drinking cold water from the Victoria Gold bottle!

Tatum M., Whitehorse

(5 to 9 age group)
Tatum camping with his family at Pine Lake campground in the Yukon. Tatum played by the lake, on the beach, at the playground and in the woods.

Sophie D., Haines Junction

(10 to 14 age group)
Eat, hydrate, Sleep, HOCKEY, repeat!